Cosmo of Kyoto

Title : "Cosmos of Kyoto" Fountain Sculpture Plaza
Location : Kyoto International Trade Center, Kyoto,Japan
Date : 1987

Cosmos of Kyoto
Environmental sculpture
“Cosmos of Kyoto “ stone sculpture fountain open space
Kyoto International trade fair center Exhibition Hall

Nature of Kyoto
The climate where I come back to Kyoto from the desert of the Chinese Mongolian autonomous district yellow sand, and varies in the rest. I caught eye to plenty greens of Kitayama mountains where was veiled in the fog of Kyoto, and the flow of the Yurikamome birds which come from Lake Biwa every morning, in Kamo River.

I expressed the beauty of this nature and the scenery which I wants to tell children who would continue to keep in future. .
I went to Izumi stone workshop of Takamatsu with a model to make this fountain space. With basalt and a black granite stone from Africa, I express mountains. When the fog of the jet spouts from around the basalt once, four basalts is veiled and I overflow like a waterfall and fall into the African product black granite stone. When fog is over, the polished surface of the basalt glitters and shines, and stainless steel molding begins to change. Water greatly draws an arc around basalt from the pipe so that it looks like Yurikamome bathe, but another water of stainless bar jumps out of upper.
The fountain device controlled it each to express it along a story of this nature of Kyoto.




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