Hill of Aqua Stone Sculpture Fountain Plaza

Title : Hill of Aqua Stone Sculpture Fountain Plaza
Place : SEIBU Seson Group Tukashin OSAKA/Japan
Year : 1985

fountain stone sculpture open space Tukashin Seibu Saison group Hyogo Amagasaki

I like to explore how children can be active participants in urban life, and to engage them in spiritually-informed and environmentally-sustainable experiences of urban space. Children express themselves through their bodies rather than through words. They have a frank curiosity toward new things or places, and possess an abundant talent for creating new play in an instant. Adults seemed to have forgotten such a sensible talent.

So, I create “artscapes,” living art for an urban culture, that young and old can explore together. I create something that contributes to a particular urban space, so people can interact with it and see it change day by day. A kind of “sensorium” where body, mind and spirit are re-infused into everyday experiences of shared public space. People are, after all, the center of the urban environment and it is for them we should be designing. Many designers are only interested in making landscapes that are beautiful. I want people to experience my artscape rather than just look at it and have it become part of their daily life. I hope to develop the urban city as an organic process, not a static space, through which public art and urban life are continuously evolving and modifying one another.


The site that was given in order to design it was the flat population ground with the parking lot in the basement. It meant the ground was not real but it was same as architecture floor. I thought the source and fountain that springs want to create a site that is figurative relief, from the stone of the land, and want to connect to the Cascade Plaza.

Cheers of the children, it is water it suddenly pop out from everywhere like a squirt gun from where I think you do not spend. The children suddenly jumped out of water trying to escape from its destination and would not take in water. It tries to find the mouth of the gun block play and get used to the water coming from another place about to pop out. The children also climbed stone source, it will be playing in the state, such as a small waterfall. It is also the mechanism you hear strange music from the speakers out of nowhere.

I was also named hill and aquavit, I wanted to create a space of environmental art as a device for children living in the city is lively and enjoy the water safely, exciting.
Babies or children played with naked only under ware style. Parents who watch over the children began to come to this plaza bring clothes for clothes. This square was built a reputation in the shopping mall, between the shopping and theater appreciation, the children watched adult representative. It seems there was some sort of temporary custody of child care facilities. At that time, the business world is a work which is said to have a reputation and the economic effects of the arts.


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